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The Gallery

Here are some more pictures of my robots. You may see images not found elsewhere in our web pages. I will continue to add to this page as more pictures become available.

  • Alien Menace
  • Scorpion Autonomous Robot Project
  • Battle Bot Pics
  • Battle Droid Replicas
  • Coyote Unmanned Ground Vehicle
  • Automated Ghoul
  • Javelina Autonomous Test Platform
  • *NEW* Aliens Power Loader Costume
  • Full-Scale Working R2-D2 Replica
  • Modified Robo Sapien V2 Robot
  • Tortoise Autonomous All-Terrain Rover

  • - The Alien Menace -

    A robotic halloween prop.
    - This prop was converted from a robotic dinosaur chassis. -

    - Autonomous Robot Project -

    A miniature robot rover
    An animation of the distinctive tiller wheel
    - Battle Bots -

    Black Ops - BattleBots Season 4.0
    Proto-Type 4 - Season 4.0
    Team Black Ops - Season 4.0
    Old Black Ops- Season 3.0
    - Battle Droids -

    We made two of these full-size Battle Droid Replicas for our Space Wars show.
    - The Coyote Unmanned Ground Vehicle -

    A DARPA Grand Challenge entry.
    We barely had the vehicle running in time for the first season's qualifying.
    By the second season's semi-finals we had it running GPS courses autonomously, and we were working on obstacle detection.
    - Automated Pneumatic Corpse -

    We built this for the 2003 Halloween Show...
    - The Javelina Autonomous Test Vehicle -

    Built to Test the Navigation System for the Coyote UGV.
    - This robot has all the same equipment as the larger Coyote UGV. -

    - Power Loader from Aliens Movie -

    I built this costume for the 2008 Alien themed ride-through Halloween event.
    I made this costume out of PVC Pipe, EPS Foam, and quarter inch plywood.
    - Modified Robo Sapien V2 -

    - I bought the RSV2 for my nephew... -

    - Added "headlights for near 100% color recognition accuracy... -

    - Then I applied gold leaf and flat black for near 100% coolness. -

    - Full-Scale Working R2-D2 Replica -

    We built this for our Space Wars show...
    Yes, it is a working robot.
    Last year our little robot hero got a cameo in a real Star Wars fan film!
    Jim Watts and Rob Meyer traveled to Phoenix to assist with production of "Spirits of the Force - Special Edition.
    These production photos are courtesy of Webb Pickersgill
    These photos and more can be found at
    - Tortoise All-Terrain Autonomous Rover-

    6-Wheel Drive, Four-Wheel Steer
    - This robot is based on the Traxxas E-Maxx radio controlled race truck. -


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