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All Terrain Autonomous Platform
Power:       14VDC (2)6-Cell NiCads
Motor:       Stock Traxxas
Drivetrain:  2-Speed Trans / Custom 6:1 Gear Reduction
Processor:   BS2 Board of Education
Sensors:   3 Parallax Ping Sonars, Sharp GP2D15 Range Detector, Contact Sensors
Speed:        Was 30mph, now 3mph
Chassis: 6 Wheel Drive, 4 Wheel Steer

Design Philosophy: Tortoise is my Traxxas E-Maxx based go anywhere autonomous mobility platform. The original goal was that it had to be able to climb stairs.(Which it now does.) I figured if it could climb stairs, it could climb anything within reason.

The construction of the Tortoise followed several steps from a stock four wheel drive race truck: Addition of 6:1 gear reduction for rock crawling speed and torque, Conversion to rear steer, Conversion to six wheel drive, Shortening the rear wheel base, Shortening the front wheel base, Upgrading from 5" to 7" Tires.