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Autonomous Navigation Platform
Power:       NiMh AA Pack
Motors:       Rotary Modified Hobby Servos
Processor:  Basic Stamp 2
Sensing:   Contact sensors, Rotary Encoder, Light Sensor
Special Feature: Articulated "walking" rear tiller wheel.

Design Philosophy: The Scorpion was my first serious experiment in autonomous behaviour. As it stands, this little rover can wake up when it senses light, find its way around the house, then shut down at intervals, or when it senses a low battery.(It transmits video too)

Scorpion is also an exercise in mobility. I wanted to make it able to navigate most obstacles even though I wanted to keep to the same size and style of wheels. Hence the walking tiller was born, a rear tiller wheel that not only rotates in coordination with the differential steering, but also tilts side to side to "walk" the robot over obstacles when the rotary encoder senses the wheels alone cannot roll over them.