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Store-Bought Robot
Power:            Lots and lots of AA and D cells
Modifications:   Headlights, Volume Control, Gait Adjustments
Aesthetics:       Gold Leaf Finish, Flat Black Accents

Design Philosophy: I bought this RSV2 for my nephew in order to illustrate to him the three components of robotics that make it so rewarding: Mechanics, Behavior, and Aesthetics.

Robo Sapien was the perfect basis for such a project, as there are tons of resources available for modifying them. I added headlights to the head which are tied into the same power supply as the video tracking camera. This mod improves the robots color recognition drastically.

I then added a volume control, since these guys are pretty loud and obnoxious without one. Finally, I spruced up the exterior with Gold Leaf and model paint.