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Super Heavyweight:
295 LBS
Power:       12VDC
Motors:       Modified P/M Wheelchair Motors
Drivetrain:  Sprocket/Chain drive courtesy of Martin Gear and Sprocket
Weapon:   10 Lb. Tool Steel Morse Taper Reamer spinning at 3000 RPM
Speed:        5 MPH
Chassis/Armor:Steel Radial Truck Tire with 1/4" Lexan Dome

Design Philosophy: Proto-Type 4 was designed and constructed by Don Meyer. Don designed the chassis to absorb the energy of most types of weapons, which it does very well.

The weapon is powered by a large Chrysler Gear-Reduction starter motor - being nearby when it spins up is enough to make anyone nervous! Proto-Type 4 debuted at Battlebots Season 4.0 where it fought bravely against another "tired" 'bot, Road Rage. The match ended when P-T 4 lost one of its drive chains. Don has announced the retirement of this, his first Battlebot. But he promises that another one is on the way!