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220 LBS
Power:       12VDC
Motors:       Custom Built Toyota Based P/M Starter Motors
Drivetrain:  Custom Built 3:1 Ford Planetary Gearsets
Weapons:   Twin 6 lb. 1-1/2" Thick Solid Aluminum Retractable Arms
Speed:        0-25 MPH in 3 seconds
Chassis/Armor: 1/4" Lexan and 1/8" Steel - 1/2" Lexan and 3/16" Steel in critical areas. Titanium Outer Skins.

Design Philosophy: Black Ops was meant from the outset to incorporate the advantages of many different robot designs in one chassis. It can ram, spin, and wedge- even when upside down. (The wedge skirts are not shown in this photo.)

Black Ops is symmetrical in all axes, meaning it is the same robot front-to-back and top-to-bottom. It therefore requires no control adjustments or additional driver input if it is flipped.